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I have used a ton of android players (Poweramp, GMMP, shuttle, Rocket, Double Twister, Stellio, Media Monke... I can go on!) in the past two or one weeks.

They are fun in the ways...Both can sync to LastFM using Pano Scrobble(highly recommend). But I have settled with Black Player EX and JetAudio Plus and Pano scribble of course. Their User Interface resembles MusicBee a lot especially BlackPlayer.
and other(s) cant run cause my phone doesn't have Google services - power ramp & MediaMonkey. GMMP has the bad user interface of them all in 2020*

The reason was, I was looking for an app that can SYNC FROM LASTFM (NOT uploading the play count - BUT DOWNLOADING & Update).
I couldn't find any till now in 2020.

Do you guys have any solution for this... because it is making me desperately wishing for MB for android. Musicbee wifi recommends power amp & GMMP... they don't function on Huawei and much more MusicBee in accurate SYNC FROM LastFM causing me to lose trust.

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I don't have a direct answer for you but I can maybe point out a potential approach.

There are websites that can download your history to a CSV file on your computer.  A Kodi user called docwra wrote an experimental procedure to transfer that data over to Kodi's music database.  This is the link for a better explanation that I can give --> .  I've used it myself and it works (mostly).  Then you can use a scrobbler to keep your playcount current from then onwards.

Remember that link is for an experimental approach and it's for Kodi.  But maybe there is a similar approach for whatever Android music player you settle on?