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First, thank you for a great music management program!  The world truly needed this application.

Perhaps this has been requested in the past, or brught up somewhere prior, but I think it would be nice for MB to run as a Windows service, so that the DLNA server plugin and remote access is always available.  

Running at logon doesn't work, if the system isn't logged in at boot.  It's also somewhat annoying to always have the icon in the main icon tray, just for MB to be available.  It would likely be better if a background process could just run to let the network connect to MB without the full app running.

Perhaps there is a work-around I am unfamiliar with to accomplish this already, but it wasn't obvious in searching the forums.  I'm sure this will coming up again as MB is now growing into a full fledged server, and no longer just a management app/player.