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Best Pocket Knife Buying Guide: How Many Blades Is Good?

For a lot of people, a good folding knife is an indispensable part of the everyday carry (EDC) kit. It%u2019s not just among the most essential tools that one should have in preparation for emergencies as well as for self-defense purposes, folding knives can make life considerably easier.

Need to cut paracords, cutting clothing tags or paper? Or open boxes and packages? That%u2019s where the handy pocket knife comes in.

But how do you get the the best quality pocket knives that fit what you do and your budget? That%u2019s what this article is all about. Here we discuss a few of the things that you should know before you set your money down for a brand new knife.

Number of Blades


A single-bladed knife is the most popular and comes in a huge variety of designs and sizes. Unlike a multi-bladed knife, a single-bladed knife only has one large blade, which makes it considerably less bulky and far simpler to use.

For works more rigorous than cutting boxes such as field dressing, the blade is held in place by a lock mechanism. The mechanism is made from rigid steel and can keep the blade locked even through the most rigorous use cases.

While dealing with the best pocket knife, you%u2019d be surprised how strong such a compact design can actually be when pushed to the limits.

Of course, because there%u2019s only one blade, don%u2019t expect a lot of versatility to come out of it. A single-bladed knife is usually an all-in-one design, meaning that it is meant for general use. You can%u2019t expect a single-bladed knife to be able to whittle and then skin animals efficiently in the next minute.


A multi-bladed knife is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having only one blade, a multi-bladed can have two, three, or even four blades of different types (spey, clip, sheepsfoot, pen etc.) You can quickly go from wood-sawing with one blade and then turn around to whittling with the next.

Multi-bladed knives tend to be less durable and don%u2019t last as long as a single-bladed one. The frame locks can wear out pretty fast with frequent use. This is one thing to keep in mind if you value longevity above all in best rated pocket knives.


Everyone knows what a multi-tool is. Sometimes you need more than just a blade and a multi-tool can give you a whole toolbox to do whatever you need while you%u2019re on the move. You can have a can opener, tweezer, toothpick and saw right next to you. A swiss army knife is currently the most popular model for multi-tools at the moment.

Because of its versatility, we highly recommend multi-tools for most people who are simply looking for an EDC carry.

However, do keep in mind that because they%u2019re considerably more complex in terms of design and they feature far more tools, the average multi-tool is bulkier and heavier than your normal single-bladed pocket knives or even most multi-bladed folding knives.

%u22D8 Check Over: the best pocket knives Thekinglive


That%u2019s the end of our short buying guide! Remember to take into careful consideration your use before putting down your money on a world best pocket knife because, remember, what you%u2019ll be looking for is value. No matter how good it is, if you%u2019re not pushing its abilities to the fullest, your investment will be at risk of getting wasted.
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