Author Topic: Large genre icon in Music Explorer panel  (Read 78 times)


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While doing some work on a new skin I encountered this:

The big icon represents 'Music Explorer', not 'Genre'.
Shouldn't it display the genre icon here?

Like it does when you have selected artist:


The (enlarged) Unknown Artist icon displays very blurry here.
What is the optimal image size for that icon?
(I have been using 70x70 for it, but that is probably incorrect?)
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In a skin, you can override the genre icon (id=UnknownGenre) but its only used in the thumbnail browser
In the left navigator, the icon fort the music explorer node can be overridden (id=MusicExplorerIcon). It just so happens the default icon I have looks the same as the genre icon.
In the music explorer, when viewing groupings such as genre, the icon you see is always used. There is no current override for it

In the music explorer, when viewing an artist with no picture, then unknown artist icon is used (override id=UnknownArtist). It is displayed at 125x125px