Author Topic: Printing Album Lists with Album thumbnail  (Read 761 times)


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Is there a way to print exactly the way the Library Report shows album artist, album, artwork when I run "preview"? See image attached.

If I try to do any or the exports HTML, CSV, M3U, TXT I don't get the same results. Under CSV, M3U, TXT i lose the album thumbnail. If I save under any of the HTML I get the Album thumbnails but no album artist or album, just the JPG info under the thumbnail.

The way the "Library Reports" generates the list before any export is what I am hoping to be able to print. It's alphabetized and simple, just album, artist and thumbnail.  

Thank you


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That report is generated by the "Additional Tagging Tools" plugin, so you're best off asking about it in the thread for that plugin in the plugins section.
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