Author Topic: Organise track in a compilation to also display in artist folder w/ symlinks  (Read 534 times)


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Attempting to create complete artist discographies, I have the following naming-template
$First(<Grouping>)\<Year (yyyy)> - <Album Artist> - <Album>\<Disc-Track#> <Title>

Note the grouping tag, which is used to categorize artists. This is used as most artists tend to have a) work under an alias or b) tracks from albums where they aren't the album artist.

Here's an example:

album album
album artist various
tracks track1, track2
grouping compilation

This would be the folder structure

>>>2020 - various - album
>>>>1-01 - track1
>>>>1-02 - track2

track1 also has the following grouping tag: compilation; artist1

In order to create a complete artist1 discography I would have track1 also display in their folder:

>>>2020 - various - album
>>>>1-01 - track1

Doesnt need to be symlinks, duplicates will be fine as well, although this would increase library size.

Any ideas how to achieve this (preferably) with complete automation?