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FTP - Interface - to help organizing music library in a remote server


I'm a CentovaCast user.
Trying to find a workflow to manage my music library in the server.

I'm trying to use my remote server (CentovaCast) as a Device (virtual device) in a local Hard drive, then I do a FTP sync.
CentovaCast use one folder (media folder) with all the music files not organized by folders.
It can import .m3u files later...

My issues:

1 - When I sync playlists from MusicBee with my virtual device it make a folder organization and those folders aren't recognized by the server
     but music files can be converted and they use the right name.

2 - Trying to Playlist-->Send To>Folder (copy)>Copy Files To Folder --- my music files got the order numbers of the playlist I created.

For sure I'm forgetting something and I'm not really a advanced user...

Any advanced user here with the same objective?

Any advice?

Thank you!