Author Topic: Customization Options For Theater Mode And Now Playing  (Read 1125 times)


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Need more customization options for theater mode and now playing panel.

I’m using the XBOX style theater mode for MB but lacks some customization options for example the “stop image rotation”.

Mi point is, when using theater mode, I want MB to show only the best image possible i.e. The artist profile image which fits perfectly on a 16:9 screen but instead MB starts scraping images from all over the web and rotating them usually getting poor low-resolution images of 320p and 4:3 ratios with black bands on both sides, see my point now?

It would be nice if we could customize these more, making MB to only get images from a reliable source also giving the option for filtering the images before showing them on screen, in the case that MB could not find the perfect image for that artist/track then just show a custom background that we can create and add to the settings.

Well I might be blind and didn’t see these options but I did look for these in the settings and couldn’t find any.

Thank you.