Author Topic: Artist picture is looking for a picture named like the <Album> tag  (Read 370 times)


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I found a strange behaviour concerning the way the artist picture is chosen from the Artist pictures folder, it seems the Album tag is involved somehow. Now the problem isn't simple to explain:

- In the artist pictures folder I have several pictures of artists named $artistX_1.jpg, $artistX_2.jpg, etc. which works really well, when I play a song for any given artist the picture displayed in the "Now Playing" tab and in the "Artist picture" panel element is either one of these pictures
- I have the Amy Winehouse album "Frank"
- I have several pictures "Amy Winehouse_1.jpg", "Amy Winehouse_2.jpg", etc. among my artist pictures
- I have several pictures "Frank Sinatra_1.jpg", "Frank Sinatra_2.jpg", etc. among my artist pictures

Expected behaviour:
- When I play the album Frank from A.W., the pictures displayed should be any of "Amy Winehouse_1.jpg", "Amy Winehouse_2.jpg", etc.

Current behaviour:
- When I play the album Frank from A.W., a random picture from the Internet is displayed
(N.B.: when I right click this image and choose "Save Artist Picture", I have the error message "Failed to save the artist picture"; the options "Next Picture" and "Ban picture" don't do anything)
- Now if a rename the album by changing just one character, for exemple "Fronk", the picture displayed is now as expected any of the "Amy Winehouse_X.jpg" pictures
- If I remove all the pictures "Frank Sinatra_1.jpg", "Frank Sinatra_2.jpg", etc. from the artist pictures folder, the picture displayed is also as expected any picture of A.W.

N.B.: I also experienced the same kind of problem with the album "Judy" from Judy Garland (and yes I have pictures "Judy Garland_X.jpg")

Obviously the <Album> tag is causing a conflict here somehow. I know it's a minor problem which shouldn't happen a lot, but can you fix it?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!


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I forget to say I was using MusicBee version 3.3.7365. Just updated to 3.3.7367, problem still present.


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the album tag is not used but i the results are from a google search for the artist. If you untick "retrieve web pictures" in the "Customise Panel" settings then your local pictures will be used


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Hi Steven and thank you for your help!

The "retrieve web pictures" checkbox was unticked but I managed to find the problem.

TL;DR I had the same path for the "Artist pictures location" and "Soundtrack pictures location", it must have been this way for a very long time because I cannot remember changing it, but anyway sorry for messing this up. :-[

Here is the long story if it can be of any use to someone:

I have been using MusicBee for a long time now and have greatly customized it over the years, so since by doing simple tests to understand what was going on I was unable to have consistent results I decided to try a fresh install of MB on another computer.

Indeed I was unable to reproduce the issue on the new install, so I compared the configuration with my "old" install and that's how I found the problem (having the same path for the "Artist pictures location" and "Soundtrack pictures location").

I looked for information on the wiki on how to use the "Soundtrack pictures location" feature and found this article How to Display Movie Backdrops for Soundtrack Music. The last paragraph explains why in my case the album tag was used even though my albums aren't soundtrack pictures:
I'd like to see certain local pictures while listening to an album. But they are not soundtrack files. Is it possible?
Yes, name those image files as starting with the album name and store in the user's soundtrack picture folder. Then MB will show those images while the album is playing instead of the usual artist pictures.

I'll try soon to use the "Soundtrack pictures", it seems like one of those great features I didn't know I needed!

Have a great day,