Author Topic: Duplicate, unwanted, "known device" created when device is plugged in  (Read 1700 times)


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Greetings, I'm attempting to update my phone's music / playlists using the device synchonisation. I wish to update the music / playlist on the phone's SD card. In Preferences > Devices, I find 2 entries for my phone (1 points to the internal storage; the other is the setup I want to use - to load onto the phone's SD card). It always picks up the internal storage device configuration and, even though I delete the internal storage "known device" configuration entry (while my phone is disconnected), once I plug my phone in, that 2nd (internal storage configuration) entry reappears in the "known devices" list.

How can I select the specific device entry I want MusicBee to use to synchronize music/playlists to the SD card of my phone (rather than the internal storage one - recreated each time I plug my phone in)?