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I felt it was time to 'tweak' the Classique player just slightly....and then just a little bit more, so this is the first of two posts as the result is in two parts.

Part one is Classique Urban.    (Part two can be found here: Classique Beats

There's a couple of cosmetic additions, a couple of layout changes and, as an extra, I've increased the colour options to 22 whilst trying to keep most of them within the original spirit of the skin. That gives you the potential of 44 skins.

Classique Urban:


      Original Red/Dark
      Original Teal/Dark
      Original Orange/Dark
      Original Blue/Dark
      Original Grey/Dark
      Original Black/Dark

      Pastel Sienna/Dark
      Pastel Green/Dark
      Pastel Orange/Dark
      Pastel Blue/Dark
      Pastel Grey/Dark
      Pastel Lilac/Dark

Art Paints:
      ArtPaint Burnt Sienna/Dark
      ArtPaint Sea Green/Dark
      ArtPaint Yellow Ochre/Dark
      ArtPaint Prussian Blue/Dark
      ArtPaint Hookers Green/Dark
      ArtPaint Burnt Umber/Dark

      Bold Red/Dark
      Bold Turquoise/Dark
      Bold Orange/Dark
      Bold Blue/Dark

      Original Red/Light
      Original Teal/Light
      Original Orange/Light
      Original Blue/Light
      Original Grey/Light
      Original Black/Light

      Pastel Sienna/Light
      Pastel Green/Light
      Pastel Orange/Light
      Pastel Blue/Light
      Pastel Grey/Light
      Pastel Lilac/Light

Art Paints:
      ArtPaint Burnt Sienna/Light
      ArtPaint Sea Green/Light
      ArtPaint Yellow Ochre/Light
      ArtPaint Prussian Blue/Light
      ArtPaint Hookers Green/Light
      ArtPaint Burnt Umber/Light

      Bold Red/Light
      Bold Turquoise/Light
      Bold Orange/Light
      Bold Blue/Light

I hope you enjoy the skins.

The Classique skins:
      Classique (Original)
      Classique Urban
      Classique Beats
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Quote from: Bee-liever date=1580766249 link=topic=30734.msg170371#msg170371 on original Classique thread
That may have been your intention but, for me at least, it immediately invoked images of the late 1950's/early 1960's Chevrolet Impala.
With the big "V" emblem front and back, the angled tail fins, and the dash also had that 'dotted' chrome look that your background tile is reminiscent of.


Hopefully I got the right model, and I can quite see why you think it was right for the Chevy.   But I still say the early Alfa Romeo Spider that I designed it for fits it like a glove...see Classique Beats
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Hopefully I got the right model, and I can quite see why you think it was right for the Chevy.

It was the fins on the Impala that the emblem reminded me of: Chev Bel-Air Impala 1959 on Pinterest

But with those tweaks on Classique Beats, I can really see the connection to the Spider.

Great addititions to your portfolio of skins  :)
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