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Hey Everyone!

I've been using MusicBee for a few years now, and have come to love it.  I've been using it for very basic functionality in the past, and I'm trying to expand how I use it to include some more advanced functionality.  However, I keep running into problems where MusicBee will freeze up any time I ask it to do some sort of calculation.  

The two examples I've run into so far:
1. I'm trying to calculate the artist play count as a virtual tag.  It is a simple enough thing to do under "Auto Library Reports" I have it set to calculate "Artist, Sum(Play Count)" and save it as a virtual tag.  Whether I try to run it manually or have it run at startup, it gets about 75% of the way through the music library and freezes.  I've waited hours to let it complete, and it never does.  

2.  I'm trying to calculate average album ratings, and when I kick that off (again, manually or at startup), it freezes on the "sorting table" step before the real calculations even start up.  

When I check my system utilization, the CPU and Disk are both barely being utilized, so I don't think it is a computer resources problem.  I'm running MusicBee version 3.3.7491.

Edit:  I have checked the error log - there does not appear to be anything in the error logs at the times when I try to run these.

Any help or tips you can provide is greatly appreciated!
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Refer to my post here:
It might help with getting the calculations to work
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