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Loving MB as always, so much so I spend a fair bit of time creating new sorting methods (with varying degrees of success in my code writing). Instead of right click then scroll down 2 separate menus, would it be possible to implement a few hotkeys to flick between orders, or maybe an action button next to the tabs?

I currently use ctrl+1, ctrl+2 etc. to switch between album views which is really useful, perhaps similar could be done with the 8 custom orders? I see the 'send to external application' keys go this method, but I'd be happy with a top 5, 3 podium spots, even if a few became recreations of the simpler default orders. Or do both of course  ;)

I did have a dig through old posts, this one from 2012 suggests there was something added, and another user asked if there could be an on/off toggle for a default order, but for the life of me I can't find anything related to it in the program options.