Author Topic: How to play songs by artists in "now playing" tab  (Read 798 times)


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I usually don't use the whole library on musicbee, I rather drag what I have on my computer to the "now playing" tab. But I've noticed with the new version that the songs are always played according to the date I added them. Even if I order the columns by artist it keeps playing the songs by "#", meaning if I want to make a playlist by artist I HAVE to add everything alphabetically myself or it won't play that way. It's not bothering with albums but for individual songs it's weird.

Why is that ? I'm sure in the previous version you could choose the order the tracks were played just by ordering the columns.

Is there a way to change that ? I don't know where to search in the preferences.

Thanks !  8)


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Read from here:

The short answer is to use MusicBee to browse your library and play files.  Using Windows functionality to send files to MB lets windows decide how things are added to the queue.  Using MB to do it lets you decide.