Author Topic: MusicBee produces massive SSD/HDD-activity while running (Registry acceess?)  (Read 1118 times)


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Since some time  (months) I am noticing a permanent SSD-activity while MusicBee is running (also in the background and idle). I suspected various apps but finally pointed it down to MusicBee.

I am using MusciBee Portable in v. 3.3.7367 P / Windows 10 64Bit / 500GB SSD / 8GB RAM / AV: Bitdefender 2020
Only relevant setting in MusicBee: Library -> monitored folders -> scan on startup only

The question is if anybody
- also noticed similar behaviour
- has an explanation for this behaviour
- can give an workaround to stop this behaviour
- give hints to dig deeper in that matter

The case seems a little bit strange; here my findings until now:
I used the program "Process Monitor" to find any difference in "File System Activity":
a) I captured all events during 60s with MusicBee started, in background and idle (1min after program start).
b) Then I captured all events during 60s while MusicBee is not running (quited directly after the previous run).
Results between a) Musicbee is running vs. b) Musicbee is not running:
- Total Bytes Written (all processes): 111KB vs. 32KB
- Total Bytes Read (all processes): 697KB vs. 300KB
- Total Events (all processes): 724 vs. 645

The path of the files with most written byte are the following:
for a) and b) the top file is: C:\Windows\System32\config\SOFTWARE.LOG1
for b) the only two further files with written bytes are:
- 2KB | C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\System.evtx
- 2KB | C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-WHEA%4Errors.evtx

for a) there are 4 other files with 10 times of written bytes:
21KB | C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\Microsoft-Windows-PushNotification-Platform%4Operational.evtx
20KB | C:\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM.LOG1
16KB | C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender Security\HttpProxy.dat-wal
16KB | C:\Users\[MYUSERNAME]\ntuser.dat.LOG2

Total entries of "File Summary":        a) vs b) = 66 vs 56
Total entries of "Registry Summary": a) vs b) = 1122 vs 526
--> For Registry most of the 673 "additional" elements with a) (MusicBee running) are:
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\BTH\... ... and so an with [ACPI, BTH, BTHENUM, HID, PCI, ROOT, STORAGE, SW, SWD, USB, USBSTOR]


Do you have any answer to my initial question?
The background why I even find this behaviour disturbing, because my SSD (Crucial MX300 M.2) unfortunatley makes some very low noises during file accesses (like some coile wine / squeezing) - and since using MusicBee this noise is permanent present which drives me a little bit crazy. If I quit MusicBee the SSD is again very silent as expected.

Maybe it is a hint to some strange behaviour/bug of MusicBee itself (e.g.: it is the "portable" version, why it should trigger a massive registry-read/write access?) - but maybe it is only a artifact of my software systems (Bitdefender?)

Any help is welcome!
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Whitelist/Exclude all your MusicBee folders and music library in both Bitdefender and Windows Defender.


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OK, tried it:
Bitdefender: I whitelisted in Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 in the AV modul the folders of my music (which are set in musicbee options library folder) and the folder of musicbee portable (where also the library is stored).
But I could not see any difference (also not after Windows restart).

Also if I disable Bitdefender AV-Shield completely (as far as it is possible) - I can't see/here any difference.

Windows Defender: Why to whitelist also in Windows Defender should help I do not understand, as it is deactivated while Bitdefender is installed. But I figured out out to exclude folders (first had to activate Defender additionally to Bitdefender, then defined whitelist. But it seems not not beeing used as only ONE on-access-sanner can be active at once - Windows tells me this is Bitdefender, as it should).
So also no difference here.

Any further ideas? (despite buying a different SSD which is quiter and has no "coil wine noise" :-/ )

In which way Musicbee is doing background tasks while being idled? "monitored folders" is set to "scan on startup only".
Is there any device-seeking mechanism active (which I would conclude from the permanent registry accesses stated above: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ACPI....) which could be deactivated?
I also tried to delete all "known devices" in Musicbee - without any change.



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if you have a large library, "Preferences/ Library/ on startup check for updated or missing files" can take some time


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I disabled this option - but don't see/hear any difference.

Also this should maybe in worst case take some minutes on an SSD to crawl once the music folder (50GB) - but in contrast my problem is always, also after 5 hours...