Author Topic: FLUENT WALL. Showcases all the albums on the playlist on a grid as backdrop.  (Read 9154 times)


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This is pretty straightforward. It's a wall of all the tracks coming up on your playlist, which looks cool and was something done in Zune back then as well. It works better when you randomize your playlist, but I coded it so that it will appear random regardless.

Works only up to 16:10 screens. If you use wider screens you will need to add more columns in the code.

Note that it takes a bit of time to load at first... since it's loading up 28 album covers at once.

Thanks to Freddy for inspirations. 👍

If you're using it, please post a screenshot of how it looks on your end! That'd be very helpful.

Download here:

How to install:
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hi, i can't download this for some reason.

edit: forget. i was just beins stupid ;D
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