Author Topic: FluentBee Compact Acrylic  (Read 7555 times)


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Made in the style of the Groove Music Player.


1. Unzip content to [Programs Folder]\MusicBee\Plugins\TheaterMode.Embeded\
2. Switch to Compact Player
3. Select Theater Mode - FluentBee Compact Acrylic


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So, been using this for the past couple of days and so far mostly all good. A couple of issues, a suggestion and a question.

1. Question: The up/down carrot and the "More" button next to the search button do the same thing. Is this intentional?
2. Suggestion: Could the artist and album in the track list be left justified instead of center justified or make the track title center justified to match the artist and album.

3. Issue #1: In the above picture, the playing track has a length of 59:54 but the track length by the progress bar reads 1:00:00
4: Issue #2: Tracks longer than 60 minutes (ie. podcasts, DJ sets) the elapsed time and total time on either side of the progress bar cuts off parts of the numbers.