Author Topic: Simple Addition - Enable auto export playlist static copy on NEW playlists  (Read 1170 times)


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Hi there, I would like a new checkbox in the global playlist settings section to

'Enable "auto export playlist static copy" on new playlists by default'

This would allow me to create playlists in PowerAmp on the go and sync them back to my desktop library, which in turn would get a static copy saved in my music library folder, which in turn then gets picked up by sonos.

At the moment I have to create the playlist on the computer so I can select this option, making it impossible to make playlists on the go to appear in Sonos.

I'm a web developer so I have an idea that this wouldn't be massive complicated to set the flag for this checkbox to 1 when a new playlist is created, so please can you consider adding this feature.

Thanks for reading