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This is going to be a bit out there but bare with me. :-X

I have been using MusicBee for years and it has no competition that I can see, hands down the best on the market. (That's the sucking up done!).
I am also a huge comicbook nerd with a large collection of cbr and cbz comic books files. I and many others use ComicRack to organise our books in the same fundamental way and MusicBee organises music files.  Here is the problem, ComicRack has been abandoned by its creator and has been unsupported for about 5 years.  There is a lot of concern on the ComicRack forums about its future viability.

The question is, could kernel functionality of MusicBee be used as a basis for a new piece of software to do what ComicRack does. 

A whole new revenue stream for Stephen or is it a fundamentally dumb idea?


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This is going to be a bit out there but bare with me. :-X
I will bear with you ;-)
In the past there have been suggestions (even some efforts) in extending MusicBee in handling and managing other media formats than audio.
(images, video, etc.)
While I myself am still not completely decided on it, at the moment I am still satisfied with other software for these other purposes, and am glad that MusicBee is sticking to what it is good at.

Have you tried Calibre?
It's dedicated to e-books, and I am pretty sure comics formats are supported as well?