Author Topic: Increase/allow font resizing of sub-grouping Headers  (Read 100 times)


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In relation to this Post some of us bind a virtual tag to a sub-group so we can order our groupings

An unforunate by-product is that the sub-grouping headers are very small compared to the regular Grouping headers- though I understand why when most may may use both grouping and sub-groupings collectively.

However, for those of us using a Virtual Tag (1) to order our Groupings as detailed in the linked post above, our only current option is to create a work-around by:
Sort by Grouping, Group by a 'empty' virtual tag with just "" and then sub-group by another virtual tag with our grouping details in it- thus leaving us with tiny headers.

$If($First(<Grouping>)="G1","Boxset",$If($First(<Grouping>)="G2","Broadcast",$If($First(<Grouping>)="G3","LP",$If($First(<Grouping>)="G4","Live",$If($First(<Grouping>)="G5","Post Release",)))))

P.S. That grey line bugs me :P