Author Topic: Musicbee won't import the library songs  (Read 1555 times)


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Hi Everyone,
I had to move my music from disk X to Y manually, so without Musicbee. I have MB 3.3.7367 .
Now I'm trying to have MB import my library again using tools->advanced->Rescan all files but it won't work.
I also tried to have the folder scanned on startup and import it directly in the library but still nothing.

How can I make MB import my songs again in the library? :(


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Rescan all files rescans all existing files. There are multiple ways to import files - easiest is to press the Insert key. Check the wiki for further help


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Hi Sorry Steve, I didn't quite follow you.  Did you mean, in Windows 10,  the standard cut & paste  or was the Insert from the Musicbee program itself?

Incidentally, great app, particularly if I get over the "Access denied You don't have permissions to import).



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