Author Topic: Better overview in "Album and Tracks" -> Layout suggestion  (Read 1763 times)


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Hi Steve!
Hi Steve,
here is another wish for my "less space | more information" idea ;)

I photoshopped a bit to make the album and tracks view better!

Uploaded with

below in the image us the photshop version

what i changed:

- I moved the artist names (in the picture is now 2 times the artist name... :/ i forgot to delete the right one)
- made the space between the grey line smaller
- moved album art to 2nd column

What do you think... I think his layout provides a much better overview, especially for libraries with many single songs without loosing the beaty of album artwork

:) nixander


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i'll be focusing on other aspects of MB for the near term but one way to save vertical space with the existing version is to set the option to display text on the right, that way saving 3 rows if then is less tracks than the size of the picture