Author Topic: Does the UPnP plugin work for you?  (Read 7275 times)


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 :o I am "puzzled" by your post considering the sarcastic reply from my last post I did concerning the UPNP problem. But lets try to move on. Here is my experience with the plugin. When I first installed it, it worked with some problems ie. no support for flac files. This was trying to connect to a Cambridge CXN. However an update from Cambridge sorted this. The only problem I have now is gapless playback, MP3 or flac.


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Hi I'm using the UPnP plugin very successfully (barring one issue). Flac file Media is stored on a NAS. Player is Cambridge Audio's CXN network player (but playing directly to my ARV amp, Cambridge Audio CRX120 works as well). I have all the add-in settings as default, using profile 'UPnPlay'. It worked without changing anything. The one issue I have is there is a brief burst of hiss between some tracks. It is consistent for the files that have it. But playing those tracks, from the same source, on my PC (through groove music) does not have the hiss. Aside from this very happy with it - Thank you Steven.