Author Topic: Configure Auto Dj to not play certain Artists????  (Read 420 times)

Topper Harley

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I have Musicbee on pc with a very large music library and I want to configure it so that when I hit auto dj , I dont want any of my movie soundtracks to play. I went in to custom filter and added 3 instances with the artists( that i didn't want) - composer and checked 'apply filter'
But when I hit the Preview button I get ' No tracks match the selected criteria' message. If I uncheck 'appy filters' then i get to see the previews but with those movie soundtracks included. Any ideas?


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Your post is a little confusing. Do you not want certain -artists- to appear in Auto-DJ? Or do you not want -soundtracks- to appear?

Ir no soundtracks is the goal, then create a 'no soundtracks' filter where Genre is not soundtrack and then in Auto-DJ select the no soundtracks library.
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A screen shot of your auto-dj filters might be helpful here, too.
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