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Aurora Skin

It's August 2023 and I still use Musicbee with the old theme

I recently found myself trying to use Itunes and Aimp because they are the best in design. But I went back to musicbee and my old theme.

it's true that in musicbee the design was never the goal. but I'm passionate about clean interfaces and unique features.

* I asked thousands of times for the sidebar to load all the playlists as the play counter.

* The skimcreator stopped working and it became impossible to break my head and use the new color system.

*Even with the limitations I created a skim and organized the panels so that it looked clean. but something is missing. Something that is great in itunes and the Zune Software, something that is missing in Aimp and Winap.

I hope Musicbee evolves. and that it embraces the best of all worlds. He is always among the best and when there is a site talking about musicbee, this skin appears. and I'm happy about it.

 Thanks friends for your feedback
For those who are still interested in this old skim

all text was made with google translator - sorry for the english.

OldAurora skin UltraFlat 3.0
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