Author Topic: Adjust y position for a <child> element  (Read 4993 times)


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Hello all,

I'm trying to skin the Now Playing List, with each list item to be composed of the track title and duration. Is it possible to put the duration underneath the title? I tried topMargin, y, yAnchor, height, etc, but nothing seems to work with the <child> element.

Here's the code:
		<element name="#NowPlaying" type="NowPlayingList" xAnchor="Panel.50" x="0" yAnchor="#Cover.Top" y="0" widthDock="Panel.Height.66" width="0" heightDock="Panel.Height.66" height="0"  rowPadding="24" font="Segoe UI" style="Regular" size="16" fg="128,128,128" fg2="255,255,255" mouseOverFg="195,0,82" multiLine="true">
<child widthDock="Panel.Height.8" width="0">  </child>
<child id="Speaker" width="24"/>
<child>  </child>
<child id="Duration" align="left" font="Segoe UI Semibold" size="8" style="Regular" width="80" />
<child width="-80">
<child id="Title" align="left" font="Segoe UI" style="Regular" size="16" widthDock="Panel.Height.58" width="-48"/>
<!-- <child id="RatingLove" fg="30,255,255,255"></child> -->

Thanks a lot everyone  :)


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I tried to do this also in 2 lines, but apparently this command is for only one line.

It would be nice to do something like this:

Freddy Barker

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You could try experimenting with something like this to produce what you want..

 <element type="NowPlayingList" xAnchor="Panel.Right" x="-382" y="131" width="340" heightDock="Panel" height="-368" rowPadding="11" font="Segoe UI" style="Regular" size="9" fg="240,240,240" mouseOverFg="96,169,23" >
      <child width="12" />
      <child id="Speaker" width="23" />
      <child id="#" width="26" format="#\." align="center" />
      <child id="TrackArtistAndTitle" width="235" />
      <child id="Duration" />