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One base theme.
Three player variations.
Four style groups.
Choice of multiple colours.

30 variations overall



Carbon-Player 1
Carbon-Player 2
Carbon-Player 3

Black-Player 1
Black-Player 2
Black-Player 3

Red-Player 1
Red-Player 2
Red-Player 3
Orange-Player 1
Orange-Player 2
Orange-Player 3
Teal-Player 1
Teal-Player 2
Teal-Player 3
Blue-Player 1
Blue-Player 2
Blue-Player 3
Grey-Player 1
Grey-Player 2
Grey-Player 3

Vivid Red-Player 1
Vivid Red-Player 2
Vivid Red-Player 3
Vivid Blue-Player 1
Vivid Blue-Player 2
Vivid Blue-Player 3
Vivid Pink-Player 1
Vivid Pink-Player 2
Vivid Pink-Player 3

I created a 4x4 pixel seamless tile to get the Carbon Player effect. The background for the Carbon splash screen is obtained by using this tile. If used as a 'custom background' the main player theme can take on a similar effect, although it does override some of the theme areas and is not to eveyone's taste.
If you use custom backgrounds then you're welcome to download a 20x20 pixel version of the tile here:
Enigma Carbon Background Tile

I hope you enjoy the skins.


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Hey Clarence
Loving these skins! All the colors you could want and looks so fresh and rad!
Nice work man, and thx.


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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your kind words.
I'm pleased that you're enjoying these skins and that you like the colour range.
I have to admit I have developed a soft spot for the darker red colour and I can see myself using that in future skins too.