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After using WinAmp for more than 20 years (!?) with a brief foray into iTunes for iPod support, I finally decided to look for an alternative. It was the small things that finally borked the camels back - WinAmp decided to be always on top, and started to label all my files with out a genre as "Psychobilly".

I could not find a good guide to migrate from WinAmp to MusicBee , but decided to give it a crack. No way I was gonna throw away so may years of meta-info, but Google found no good guides. So here it is, for all the leftover dinosaurs out there. Based on WinAmp 5.8; YMMV.

Disclaimer: This is probably obvious to all experienced the MB users out there, but as a newBee (see what I just did there?), I would have loved this straight forward guide from the get go.

Migration of music library from WinAmp to MusicBee.
First, In WinAmp, "Export Media Database" of your WinAmp library to "iTunes XML Library" This will keep all your ratings and play counts etc.
In MusicBee, find the MusicBee menu (upper left) File->Library->Import->From iTunes
If it's your first time, you can overwrite. If you've already messed around in MusicBee, maybe select 'do not update'. Second radio button: Add them to Library. (I'm not sure what an InBox is)
Press the 'Locate iTunes' button.
Finding the file you just exported is a bit shitty. By default the file type (bottom right, just above the Open/Cancel buttons) is set to "iTunes XML file" which has a preset file name. If you saved your WinAmp file in the step above with the name "iTunes Music Library.xml" then you can see it. Otherwise change the drop-down to "XML files". Then you can find the file you  just exported, and can load it into MB.
Now you just have to get used to the MusicBee interface.

WinAmp "Smart Views" are called "Auto-Playlists" in MB, and have to be reimplemented. I have heaps, so this is an ongoing process.

Normal Playlists can be moved over easy.
Select the playlist, and under the file listing, find Manage Playlist -> Export Playlist. Save it anywhere.
Then in MB dropdown menu, select File->PlayLists->Import Playlists chose the file you just exported.
I don't know if this can be done by drag-and-drop, but I only had three to import, so I did them thusly.

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Man, I thought I had issues with letting things go.
Lol Welcome to the forum!

The Inbox is where files can be reviewed before adding into the Library. For a brand new setup, I don't think it matters much where files are initially imported, but it's generally a good idea to add subsequent files to the Inbox.

Not sure about WinAmp "Smart Views," but MusicBee's .xautopf or whatever they're called files can be read by a text editor. If Smart Views files are human-readable, it may be possible to batch re-word them to match Auto-Playlists...?