Author Topic: Ugrade Skip Buttons & Hotkeys with (Retro-) SEEK/SEARCH functionality  (Read 2284 times)


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Many (compact) CD audio players offer combined keys for seek (search) forward/backward and skip to next/previous track.

- pressing them short will jump to next/previous track instantly
- pressing longer than ~1 sec will start to speed-up the the playback and increasing the speed as longer the button keep holding down
- release the skip/seek(search) button will continue normal playback

In case of nobody can understand what I mean - just remember your old Discman and have look here ...

It would be awesome if this functionality could be provided at least in the MB hotkey list and optional for the skip buttons on the MB GUI too.
It would allow to seek (search/scan) and skipping tracks with the SAME skip-track mediakeys/hotkeys just by vary the hold down time.

Control SEEKING/SEARCHING via dedicated media keys on some keybords also would working perfectly therefore.

My understanding - and I would say it's common standard - of the seek/skip symbols is as follows:

  ◄◄ / ►►   dedicated seek backward / forward (MB uses this symbols for skipping - contrary to the "common standard")
   ▐◄ / ►▌    dedicated skip backward / forward
▐◄◄ / ►►▌ combined seek & skip backward / forward

So, once seeking is implemented in MB (optional via GUI controls) the GUI buttons  ◄◄  /  ►► than should change to this ▐◄◄  /  ►►▌ IMHO, but from my view most importantly would it be providing hotkeys for that functionality.

Thanks for considering.

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Hello. I just would bring up this old topic once more and have a look for some supporters again.
You are invited to leave a "+" if you like to see such an common functionality implemented in these modern days again :)