Author Topic: Doing a new volume analysis makes me resync files to device?  (Read 391 times)


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Hello, and thanks in advance to whoever takes their time to read this.
I've had a lot of fun with musicbee and it helped me shape my music collection exactly the way I want it; up to this day nothing has really been a bothering issue.

However I have been playing with volume analysis/replaygain for around a week now, and found something weird: yesterday I ran volume analysis again on my whole collection with the same exact settings I used in the first time (In my case both track and album gain checked, slider set at 0db) because I recalled I mistakenly analyzed a dozen of album with a different gain set and didn't remember which ones; no biggie, I just let it analyze the whole thing during the night.

The issue is, when I connected my phone to sync (FLAC->opus) it told me that those files that I analyzed again will need to be resynced. Is this supposed to be normal? Shouldn't the replaygain value be the exact same? or does it change by infinitely small percentages?

So I decided to say whatever, I'll resync my collection again and something even weirder happened: my power cut out during the sync (it was around 10% of completion) and when I was able to turn on my pc again, MB told me the sync was completed and didn't show any of all the other 90% that still needed to be synced. Highly confused as to why?


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Hi, welcome to the forum!

File sync is done based on the date the files were last modified. Even if the values are the same, the replay gain tags were rewritten when you ran the analysis, so that would change the date modified.

If MusicBee closed unexpectedly during the power loss, the database would not have been saved. My guess is it lost track of the new file modification date. If you rescan your library, does it then want to sync them?
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