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For those who still struggle with the Upnp/DLNA plugin showing faulty behavior, I could solve it (my MusicBee Version: 3.5.8698, recent version


Upnp/DLNA plugin installation:
From top bar: MusicBee->Edit->Edit Preferences->Plugins use Add Plugins button to add Upnp/DLNA plugin

("C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\mb_Upnp.dll",

downloadable from

and save.

Open from the footer context menĂ¼ and select: Output to->RX-A1070  (which is my Yamaha DLNA Receiver, in your case select yours)

Faulty behavior:
When you play a track, your receiver turns on, activates the server path as source, displays the track of the selected music but you hear no sound and after some seconds the next track is displayed etc.
In the MusicBee GUI you can see the marker jumping down from track to track. You can change the volume with the slider in the GUI and this also changes the volume level on the receiver, but there is still no sound.

I activated the log file in the Upnp/DLNA settings and could see, that the plugin informs the recipient to fetch the mp3 file from an IP, that is very likely not the public IP of my PC. I searched and found, that it was from the virtual network adapter of my VirtualBox installation and they don't host the MP3 files. That can't work.

So I checked the plugin settings and found that the IP for the server settings was set to Automatic by default. The log file showed that the plugin searches for all network adapters with their IPs and then simply selects the first one to tell the recipient where to get the MP3 file.

Extract of "C:\Users\<YourUsername>\AppData\Roaming\MusicBee\UpnpErrorLog.dat"
0; 59 Initialise - 04.11.2023 23:02:01
418; 60 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=VirtualBox Host-Only Network,speed=1000000000
418; 61 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=Ethernet 2,speed=1000000000
418; 62 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=VMware Network Adapter VMnet1,speed=100000000
418; 63 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=VMware Network Adapter VMnet8,speed=100000000
419; 64 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=True,name=WLAN,speed=866700000
419; 65 GetNetworkAddresses -,dns=False,name=Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1,speed=1073741824
419; 66 GetNetworkAddresses -

To fix that, don't use Automatic setting but the public IP of your PC. In my case it was Check your adapter settings or use ipconfig command in a shell to get it. You may need to restart MusicBee to get it to work.

If you are using several PCs as music servers, you should change the field for the server name to make it easier to distinguish the source on the receiver. In my case I used "MusicBee Media Library Dell", since MusicBee was running on my Dell notebook.
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can you give more detail on that. I have Plex and Plex Amp. They work OK with their own interface. Are you saying to use the MB interface  and the plex server?


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@johnnyboy, i suggest that @louk means running mb inside VirtualBox. it's a very specific case.


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@boroda, no, the post refers to MB installed on a Windows 10/11 PC that also has VirtulaBox or VMware installed. The same problem can occur with any other program that adds virtual network adapters and also if you have multiple hardware network adapters where the IP where the MB automatic binds to is not reachable for the receiver.

@johnyboy, Plex Amp is a different program and my post was not referring to it. In general, you will not use MB and Plex Amp together.


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This plugin works for me but not completly. Not sure if this is normal behaviour or not:

When installed and activated I can manually (on my PC) initialize playback on the DLNA Client (a Onkyo AVR) by selecting it as the playback device. The only control that I have with my AVR is play and pause in this case.
The problem is, the other way around doesn't work: the "Server" is not found by the AVR and I can't browser the library, although this option is enabled in the plugin.

Anyone familiar with this problem?
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