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The inspiration for this skin came following a visit from my son at the back end of last year when he stayed with us for a few days.  Whilst here, he gave me a hand moving some things about in the attic and unearthed my old vinyl collection which I had put away close to thirty years ago, not long before he was born.

At the time I'd pretty much moved over to listening to CD's and, the new hi-tec medium of MP3's. So it went into storage and the old vinyl player went out.  I'd forgotten that he'd never seen the collection or heard any of it.

When he and his sister came to stay for Christmas, one of the gifts he surprised me with was a new state of the art vinyl player.  The vinyl collection is no longer in the attic!

I know that digitally remastered enhaces the sound quality, but since Christmas I've come to realise that whilst listening to Miles Davis or John Coltrane what I've really missed is the occassional background hiss and click.

So, here goes nothing...'PLEYA'

Vinly version and, for those too young to remember vinyl, 8 track cartridges and the like, a CD version.

Both are available in four colour themes, Orange, Blue, Red and Green.

(Personally I think the effect works best when 'Show Album Cover' is active in the main player.)




Pleya - Vinyl - Orange
Pleya - Vinyl - Blue
Pleya - Vinyl - Red
Pleya - Vinyl - Green

Pleya - CD - Orange
Pleya - CD - Blue
Pleya - CD - Red
Pleya - CD - Green

I hope you enjoy the skins.