Author Topic: ReplayGain adjustment can cause clipping?  (Read 1197 times)


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If I send all my tracks to volume analysis and analyse them with the "adjust calculated replaygain values" on 0 dB (the standard), some of the tracks will say that they may cause clipping and the adjustment needed for that to not happen is -x dB (it tells me to lower their volume). Now, does that mean that if I didn't send them to volume analysis in the first place, they may be causing clipping already? Were they already too loud? Were they too low? Can I make that needed adjustment inside MusicBee or do I need another app?
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my understanding is that for an unadjusted MP3 file, it is possible for sample data to decode with values > 1.0 ie. clip and hence need a negative adjustment


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It's also good to understand that the '0 dB' position on the slider does not mean anything like 'not adjusted'.
(regrettably that seems a very common misconception)