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I have a Marvin Gaye greatist hits album with various songs under the artist "Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross", or "Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell" (etc.). In my library, the album is sorted through Artist name rather than track number. How can I get musicbee to either ignore the "& ..." part of, sort only on track number?
I've tried a few things but nothing seems to work!

Thank you!


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Use the artist tag "Marvin Gaye; Diana Ross" not "Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross".


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Make <Album Artist> = Various Artists and then for <Artist> do as Roby suggests.
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Ha, I'd go with a hybrid of the two suggestions. Since it's a Marvin Gaye album primarily, make sure your album artist is set to Marvin Gaye. Also make sure you're sorting by Album Artist, not Artist.
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