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Hello! Before buying a Sony Walkman NW-A55L, I had read about some trouble people had syncing playlists from MusicBee, but also a solution. My experience is the same - I can't sync a playlist using the ordinary sync option, but with the device configuration playlist path set to MUSIC\ and the format M3U, I can use the Send To option successfully.

I'm wondering how to handle syncing my whole library, and dealing with changes to the library. I was thinking I could use the ordinary sync option for updating the files on my Walkman, and then Send To for the playlists. But, does that send all the same files again, taking up more space? Or does it send the playlist without the music files, if the files are already on my Walkman?

I'm also unclear on how to deal with changes to a playlist. Would I Send To again, and it would update the playlist on my Walkman? Or would that create a duplicate playlist, therefore I'd need to delete the original playlist first?

Thanks in advance for any advice available!


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A playlist is nothing more than a text file which tells MB where each track is located. Before MB copies the text file over, it compares what it on the destination device to what is about to be sent. If the playlist contains tracks which already exist on the device, they won't be sent. HOWEVER, this requires one to sync the files. I honestly am not sure if the 'send to' method works the same, or if it just copies everything the playlist refers to. In either event, you won't (shouldn't) wind up with multiple copies of songs. I suggest creating a test playlist with three or four songs that already exist on the phone and then trying your method to confirm you don't have duplicates.

As long as the playlist filename and the filenames of the tracks remains the same, you should not get duplicates.
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