Author Topic: Color the header Tabs  (Read 787 times)


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Im using the Dark Metro skins

Iv already got a custom cfg file so i can have larger scroll bars on those skins
<element id="ScrollBarMargin">0</element>
<element id="ScrollPanelMargin">0</element>

But i was wondering how can i have the tabs colored at the top for Playlists, Music, Radio, now playing
I dont know what code i need to put to make it work


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You could use the Sample Skin to find the exact element that you want to change the colour for:


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Ah thanks alot
So i tried Purple font for all tabs
<element id="TabsBar.Tab.Default" fg="128,0,128"/>

Works perfect

And for the selected tab only i put
<element id="TabsBar.Tab.Highlight" fg="179,50,16"/>

Which will make it red, so now i can test for other colors, thanks so much
il use this site for colors decimal codes