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Author Topic: Album/Track Ratings  (Read 1376 times)


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I'm curious about what percentage of MB users rate their music.
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Rating is too subjective for me. A love/unlove system is somewhat better, since it's basically "do I want to hear this or not?" But if I really don't like a track, I'll untick it if I'm keeping it for completist or archival reasons, else I'll just delete if from the library.
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Rating is central to me. 

I draw the line at 3. 
3 or more means:  part of my 'preselection'.
2, 5 means:  I might change my opinion.
Everything less:  will probably never listen to that again.
1, 5 or less:  I could remove those (but don't do it)
5:  perfection (not be listenened to too often, not to overkill it)
3 to 4, 5:  great for all kinds of flows (background, dancing...)

And, I use 'love' for some temporary 'flashes'.

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Yes. I am going through the process of rating things as I listen to them right now, and I use that data to decide how long a period after a track is played should pass before it can be played again. So it's less a quality rating than it is a notation of how often I want to hear it.
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Rating is central to me.  

I draw the line at 3.  
3 or more means:  part of my 'preselection'.
2, 5 means:  I might change my opinion.
Everything less:  will probably never listen to that again.
1, 5 or less:  I could remove those (but don't do it)
5:  perfection (not be listenened to too often, not to overkill it)
3 to 4, 5:  great for all kinds of flows (background, dancing...)

Remarkably similar to how I use ratings, but I also consider the genre of the music in my calculation.
A 4 in pop is not the same as 4 in comedy, nor the same as a 4 in blues.

'Love' is for tracks I'm always happy to hear and transcends all genres.
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@Bee-liever:  I use custom tags to further differentiate:  different 'qualities' and 'intensities'.  So a '4' in pop can have a different quality (like shaky or quiet) and intensity (like frenetic or sleepy). 
(I don't use those words, but mostly numeric values to indicate the spectrum.)

Well.  Many different 'logics' apparently... ;-)
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Track Ratings? I find rating some tracks very useful.

1 Star = Track added to auto-playlist named 'Junk' for later review, maybe delete.
3 Star = At least 120 days before auto-playlist named '3-Star' selects the track, (plus: Limit to NN items selected by: Least recently played).
4 Star = At least 90 days.
5 Star = At least 60 days.


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My track ratings are effectively just a way of differentiating different categories of music to make it easier to preselect things in playlists. They effectively just combine genre-categories based on people who regularly hear my library.

1 star - Hip-hop, electronica (maybe some other stuff). Not typically listened to by anyone regularly
2 star - Currently unused. This will probably eventually end up as some tracks split from 3 and 4 stars.
3 star - Mainly jazz and classical. Generally ignored in auto-playlists but listened to by my parents
4 star - Pop, world music. Included in auto-playlists for parents.
5 star - Rock (including heavy metal, punk and prog) and blues. My typical listening selection (and by far the most extensive section of my library)

It's worth noting that these categories are very old and do need updating. But like everything with my library, it will have to wait until I've finished the current big task.
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I use last.fm loves as my primary method of rating music. I listen on musicbee at home and GoneMad on my phone while I'm out.

In musicbee I have 3 Advanced search and replace rules set up that are always on for my whole Library.

1. Auto rate all unrated songs (if rating value = ^$ then enter value 3)
2. Auto love all songs that are rated greater than 3 (if rating < 3 then enter Value L in Love)
3. Auto uprate all loved songs (if Love = L then enter value 3.5 in rating)

I use syncthing to keep my library in sync with my phone and have musicbee set to write ratings to the tag metadata.

If I love a song on last.fm it will automatically rate it at 3.5 stars and will sync the rating down to GoneMAD
In GoneMAD I have swipe gestures set up on the now playing screen, swipe up = increase rating, swipe down = decrease rating
If I change the rating of a song in goneMAD, the next syncthing sync will pull those ratings into musicbee and love the tracks on last.fm automatically

It's safer to do it this way while driving rather than accessing Panoscrobbler to love a track directly.

I have the same smart playlists set up in GoneMAD that I do in musicbee so ensuring that the ratings and playcounts are sync'd is essential.
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