Which device do you use to primarily listen to music

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Author Topic: MusicBee for Android  (Read 6287 times)


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Let me be honest. Unlike in the past when I used to listen to music on my laptop, today I am spending very little time on my laptop for the same. I'm spending more time watching movies & browsing on laptop whereas for music I'm on my phone full time.

This caused a major shift from MusicBee that was my primary source of listening to music in the past because I was spending more time with my laptop back then to searching for the best music players on Android every now and then today. This fact is hard to endure but it is the truth, and not just with me but with most of the people out there.

Keeping that in mind, if there was one app that I really wanted on my phone, it would be MusicBee. If I did a complete reformat of my phone, it will be the first app that I would install in a heartbeat because I can't live without music & inbuilt floating lyrics.

Any thoughts or developments here?
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