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rajaram menon

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I have been using latest MediaMonkeyx86. Custom1, Custom2 and Custom3 in MM have been relabeled as Ragam;Talam[/b], Instrum and Deity. MM shows the new labels and respective values. But MusicBee doesn't pick the values.

When MusicBee failed to pick the data, I changed the Custom1, Custom2 and Custom3 in MusicBee to Ragam;Talam, Instrum and Deity manually. It shows the new labels, but the values are not shown.

e.g., If the main instrument in a track is Violin, it should appear against Instrum.


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That's becauses your 'Ragam', 'Talam', 'Instrum' and 'Deity' are exactly what you call them. They are labels.
They are not the names of the tags as MM or MB will write or read them internally.
You'll need to find out what exact tag names MM writes for those custom tags.
Then in MB you need to setup your custom tags using that exact same tag name, and give it any label that you want.


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You can use the Tag Inspector to see exactly what tags are in the file. That should help you figure out how to see up your custom tags in Define New Tags
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