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I was wondering if it would be possible to have musicbee organise music of a certain type in its own folder e.g:

I have a lot of soundtracks and instrumentals in my music library and would like to have all those songs put in their own folder (like the way itunes puts compilations in a separate folder). I have the followong text "Soundtracks / Instrumentals" in the comments section of each of the song tags that are either Soundtracks or Instrumentals.

So all my other music would be organised like this


and my Soundtracks & Instrumentals be organised like this

Music/Soundtracks & Instrumentals/Artist/Album

I hope this is possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Hi, welcome to the forum!

This is pretty easy to do with MusicBee. I suggest creating a custom tag for this rather than using Comment (you can copy your existing tags over using the Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools plugin), or maybe use Grouping if you're not using it for something else. Here's an old thread on a similar situation, which might help:

Also be sure to check out the wiki if you need more help with templates, custom tags, and so on.
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