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First of all, thank you for this great application. I fixed the tags of my songs with the Musicbee. I have a few problems. I will try to explain with a picture.

1- I hate this album because i see it often when the tagger can't find any result about some artist/track names etc that i write. Block it please or you can give us an option about filtering the results which we don't want to see anymore, maybe?

2- Why isn't this box expandable? When i scroll, it almost goes to the end of the list. So i want to expand or narrow it sometimes.

3- Never mind. I couldn't expand that column but now i tried to narrow the last column and the numbers seem now. You can check anyway, it would be good if we can expand and narrow every column independently.

One more question. I'm using 27" 4K monitor and everything looks so small. Especially the texts are hard to read. How can i increase the size of the fonts?

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Hi, welcome to the forum!

I think Steven will have to address your first three points, but the last one is easy. You can change the default font in Layout Preferences:

Most panels also have their own customizable font settings. Always check the "customize panel" settings in the menu at the top left of the panel, and also try right clicking in a panel you want to customize.
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Thank you psychoadept.

Well, i already tried it and i thought i will see the changes right after i clicked to save button. I didn't think that i have to close and open again the application. Because i could see the some changes like tab titles when i clicked save. It is ok now. Thank you anyway.

Since this topic moved to wishlist, then i have one more suggestion.
You can also add Discogs website to search artworks and tags. I found there many tags and covers which Auto-Tagger can't find. I don't know they have API support about this but i think it would be good for some unknown artists, albums, covers etc.

Best regards.