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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making MusicBee. It has saved my life. Not only is it a great alternative to Windows Media Player, that I've been using for what, 25 years, but it's seemingly the only one.

I now have more than 12k mp3s, but WMP will not store more than 10k on my shuffle playlist. Annoying af. So now do I not only get to enjoy all my mp3s but the internet feed is fantastic and refreshing. I am learning new things about the music I have been listening to for decades. I also dig the notification popups that save me having to go to the player to see what's playing.

Thanks again for a great (and supported) product. I'm surprised it's free. Can we donate?

Best regards

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(I'm surprised it's free. Can we donate?).

Yes you can;  go to the Downloads page look for the "Love MusicBee?" link, or the "Donate with PayPal" link on the bottom right corner of the page.