Author Topic: Custom Album Sorting in Artists View  (Read 1918 times)


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There;s currently only three sorting options for albums in artists view with is very limiting. It would ideal to have the advanced grouping and sorting options that are available elsewhere in MB.


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Currently, when I choose in the "main panel" the view that I want (Tracks / Album and Tracks / Album Covers / Artists), I have an option to click on Sort by and then Define Custom Sorting, and then choose whatever I want (in my case it's by "Path") so I have the albums in the order that I want. But if I choose in the "main panel" to show Artists, then I don't have a Sort by option like in the other viewing options, and when I click on an artist in the "Artists" view, the order of the albums isn't the same as when I put the main panel on Albums with Sort by "Path", and currently you can only set it by Title or Year, and not however you want like in all the other options except "Artists" view.

I would love if it would be possible that when I choose "Artists" view in the main panel, that it will have a sort by option and I could choose the order of the Albums the way I want, like in all the other viewing options except "Artists".

Thank you.


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Resurrecting an old thread.  This wishlist item would also be beneficial for me.  I'd love to be able to sort the albums by my sub-grouping (Studio Albums, Singles & EPs, Live Albums, etc.).  We're still restricted to three sort options: By Title, By Year (desc), By Year (asc).