Author Topic: How to clear the "Current Playing Track" panel?  (Read 2122 times)


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Is there an option in the settings or a plugin to clear the "Now Playing" bar and "Track Information" panel? I would like this to happen when either 1. A track finishes playing and there are no upcoming tracks or 2. when song playback is stopped (not paused). There is an option to clear current playing track on restart, but I'd like to clear the panel simply when no song is playing. I also found nothing when looking at custom toolbar buttons. Any help is appreciated.


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No option, setting, or plugin exists to do what you want, but...

Position the cursor in the now playing or track info panel > right-click > list > clear list to clear it manually.

Or you can also create a hotkey for this: Preferences > Hotkeys > Now Playing List: Clear

And I guess you didn't  look closely enough because it does indeed exist in the custom toolbar configuration.
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