Author Topic: Some ID tags are not being read  (Read 642 times)


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My music collection is in .m4a format.  I manually edited the tags of all of the songs to a uniform pattern using Tag & Rename before I scanned them into my library.  All of the albums were transferred to this computer about two months ago and have been showing properly in MusicBee until this morning.  Now I have about two dozen albums that are listed as Unknown Album by Unknown Artist.  When I loaded MusicBee yesterday none of these were showing this way.  None of the song titles are listed but if I click on a song to play it the name of the song appears at the bottom of the screen.
I have removed the songs from my library, updated the tags with Tag & Rename, and re-scanned them into MusicBee's library.  The ID tags are still not being read.  All of the songs that are displaying tags properly were tagged by Tag & Rename with the same settings as the ones that are not displaying correctly. As far as I can tell it is complete albums that are not displaying correctly rather than just part of the songs from an album.