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Hi there, I think I may have discovered an issue with syncing to my phone. I started to notice that some new songs with m4a format were louder than others, despite having "level volume" ticked. I tried deleting the synced files from phone to recreate them but the problem persisted. After some googling I found an unrelated thread mentioning mp3gain.exe and aacgain.exe were used for the leveling during syncing and in my MusicBee program files folder I only found mp3gain.exe. By manually downloading aacgain.exe, placing it in the folder, deleting all m4a files from my phone and re-running the sync, the problem seems to have been fixed, but wanted to mention this in case there was a problem with aacgain not being installed or if this is no longer included with MusicBee?




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I can confirm the latest Portable on the Downloads page does not include aacgain.exe.  Perhaps it has been removed from the package like fpcalc.exe?  I can't find a mention of this on the FAQ site.  I know at one time it was not distributable due to patents and required a user download from Rarewares.


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Yes it was removed from the installer package to reduce the install size
I will enhance the error reporting for aac files in case the relevant .exe is not found