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Music Bee is definitely the best music player and manager currently available in the Internet (including the paid ones). I has been developing very fast with the Cool Guy who hardly sleeps to provide you bug fixes and new features as fast as possible  ;D
To lighten Steven's load one could use third party apps to supplement the feature they need until it is implemented into MusicBee.

I'd like to share the solution for those users who need to export their entire library or chosen folders/files into various file formats. The only option currently available in MusicBee is to export as an iTunes xml file (see Library preferences). If someone needs more file formats I could recommend a little, freeware and portable app - TagScanner.

You can configure it to work as an external tool with Music Bee and use it to export your entire library or chosen folders/files to various file formats.To do so, in Music Bee menu go to: Edit / Preferences / Tools /External application and locate the Tagscan.exe.
Now TagScanner should be accessible via Send to right-click menu in Music Bee.

Tag Scanner GUI is not as perfect as the one in MB, but this is a powerful tool, which could expand MB functionality for free. TagScanner has four tabs: Music Renamer (very useful and intuitive by the way  :)), Tag Editor, Tag Processor (autotagger) and the last but not least - List Maker tab

The List Maker allows to export your library to:

a) CSV Excel file,


c) TXT file with information of the content of each folder,

d) XML file with album list,

e) you can even create a M3U playlist for each folder at once.

All the export templates can be customized ('Edit').

There is illustrated manual available for download that should cover almost all the functionality that TagScanner has to offer.

Enjoy  :)

I should mention that you can Print the content you need form the above mentioned files (a-d).
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I should mention that many of the operations that I previously did with TagScanner can be easily done with Additional tagging tools plugin by boroda74.
The plugin is configurable and has been being developed very fast.

If you find a tagging function that is not available in MB, feel free to contact boroda74 and you will be surprised how fast it is implemented  8)

TagScanner is a very good application but the more function is implemented into MB and additional tagging tools plugin the less temptation to use TagScanner or any other external tool with MB.

Thanks Steven and boroda74  :)