Author Topic: Album Artwork Manager - question on pasting artwork  (Read 926 times)


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I am in the Album Artwork Manager.  On the far right is the picture of the artwork.  If I cut an image of an album cover from somewhere and then go to the picture of the artwork in the AAM, and then right click and say paste I get a pop-up window on which the settings are set as "link the picture to this music track" and "save to folder.jpg".  I use Cover.jpg so I have to uncheck "save to folder.jpg" and check "link to an organized copy of the picture".  Every time I use Paste it reverts to "save to folder.jpg".

Is there anyway I can get "link to an organized copy of the picture" to be the default each time I use paste?

I looked around and couldn't find a setting for this.  In Preferences > Tags (1) I have "copy to the same folder as the music file and name as: Cover.jpg.