Author Topic: Jesus Christ why is the song progress bar so tiny?  (Read 270 times)


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Like who designed this thing? The program is to PLAY MUSIC, and yet the music player is aggravating to click on because it's so tiny?

And you can "enlarge the height of the progress bar"... and now it's STILL TINY.

The size of the clickable portion of the progress bar should be as tall as the thickness of the ENTIRE grey bar on the bottom. Just move the Arist and song name up. It's fine for the music player to be twice as tall as it is now. I don't need a shitload of space to look at my library.


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offensive behavior is not the best choice on this forum. Steven is *very* responsive to user requests, but i'm afraid he won't answer you.


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First, the clickable area is much larger than the displayed progress bar so you don't have to be that exact.

Second, you can also display a clickable waveform of the playing track with a configurable height.
Preferences > Layout (1) > Arrange Panels
Drag the wavebar to one of the areas on the left.

Depending on which skin you use, I think it's also an option by right-clicking the existing progress bar.
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I'm using a built-in custom skin in the Dark-Metro series and the progress bar works perfectly fine.
Enlarging it only seems to bump its vertical size by a pixel though, so it really makes almost no difference.