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So I have a lot of compilations artists I'm trying to organize. They are all marked at "various artists" for the album artist, so when going through the music explorer, it shows the full album under Various Artists. This is good, but I want to also be able to find the song under the artist in the music explorer. For example, if I had a compilation with a song by Artist X, and an Album by Artist X, I'd like to be able to view them both under the name of the artist in music explorer

I used the more tags and tools plugin, and was able to add a semicolon to the album artist, making the album artist "Artist X;Various Artists". This worked, but created different albums for each artist under the Various Artists tab.

I simply want to take an album under V.A., add the individual artist along with the V.A. for ever song, so I can view it under the artist as well as the full compilation album under V.A. Is this simple and I'm just making it complicated?


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This is why there is an album artist tag, so you can see your albums under a unified album artist, but the individual tracks by each artist under artist. Adding the artist to album artist is unnecessary. You might want to play around with the column browser, which will allow you to use either artist or album artist, or both, to filter your library as desired.
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